School Advisory Board

St. Brendan School Advisory Board Goals for 2018-2019

Alumni Committee
1. Prepare for future alumni activities
2. Investigate ways to increase alumni involvement at school

Capital Improvements Committee
1. Assist with raising funds for capital campaign items

Family Involvement at School Committee
1. Assist teachers with planning family activities at school

Marketing Committee
1. Develop advertising strategies to market and expand awareness of St. Brendan School

School Family Involvement at Mass Committee
1. Investigate ways to keep students involved in Mass and parish functions

St. Brendan School Advisory Board is a consultative policy-forming body consisting of six elected, voting members and three ex-officio members who are the pastor, the principal and the president of the Home and School Organization.  Agenda items are to be submitted to the President or principal for approval and guest speakers must contact the President or principal at least one-week prior to the regular board meeting.  

All local policies are subject to any policy or guideline set by the Diocese of Jefferson City, Missouri.  The pastor must approve policies recommended by the school board.

School Advisory Board Meetings are held on the first Tuesday of every other month during the school year. Meetings are open for all to attend and listen.

Next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, September 3rd, 2019
Officers for 2019-2020
Jessie Mommens-President

Brad Rowe

Malissa Dowell

Robbie Moss

Courtney Brundege

LeAnn Sharpe